Shillong, July 12 : The Centre for Development of North Eastern Region (CeDNER) of IIM Shillong organized a consultation meeting with representatives of Ka Synjuk Ki Nongsynhar Shnong Ka Bri U Hynniewtrep or Federation of Traditional Village Leaders of Khasi and Jantia Hills, part of its initiative to develop the North-Eastern region.

Prof. D.P Goyal, Director IIM Shillong, said forging collaborations and partnerships to create entrepreneurship and job creation through enhanced awareness, mentoring, training, infrastructure, and support for start-ups in the region is most important.

The Executive Council members, led by R.L Blah, expressed their appreciation on the initiative. They acknowledged various training programs provided by the institution that have opened doors for students and youths of Meghalaya. The Community Immersion Program (CIP) of IIM Shillong will be launched soon which will connect students of IIM Shillong with local community by immersing them in the rich culture, traditions, and values of the North-East. Students will spend a week living with the community, supporting local businesses and organizations with management approaches and interventions.

The meeting concluded with a commitment to work collaboratively on various initiatives, including creating awareness, offering career counselling, providing vocational training, implementing community immersion program, promoting skill development, and fostering sustainability. Attendees deliberated on strategies to execute these initiatives effectively and working together for successful implementation.