Shillong, April 26 : Shubham Charitable Association and OCU Empower Rural Patients with Reusable Fresh Pads Under Zero Waste Period Project at Ganesh Das Hospital

Shubham Charitable Association, in collaboration with OCU, proudly announces the successful completion of their monthly project to distribute reusable Fresh pads to rural patients at Ganesh Das Hospital, Shillong. This initiative, conducted under the Zero Waste Period Project, signifies a significant step towards promoting sustainable menstrual hygiene practices in rural communities.

On April 26, 2024, in the presence of senior staff from Ganesh Das Hospital, Shubham Secretary Mrs. Sumitra Chandgothia, and Senior Member Urmila Singhania, along with dedicated volunteers Neetu Sharma, Silky Bajaj, and Payal Bajaj, facilitated the distribution event.

The Zero Waste Period Project aims to provide rural patients with access to hygienic and environmentally friendly menstrual products. By distributing reusable Fresh pads, the initiative not only promotes menstrual hygiene but also reduces waste associated with single-use products, contributing to a cleaner environment.

Mrs. Sumitra Chandgothia, Secretary of Shubham Charitable Association, emphasized the organization’s commitment to supporting rural communities and empowering women through sustainable solutions. She expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts of all involved members and highlighted the importance of addressing menstrual health challenges in rural areas.

The success of this project underscores the positive impact of community partnerships in addressing social and environmental issues. Shubham Charitable Association and OCU remain steadfast in their dedication to improving menstrual health and hygiene in rural Shillong and beyond. Pushpa Bajaj, Founder and President of Shubham, extended her heartfelt gratitude to Padmashri Patricia Mukhim, the captain of Operation Clean Up (OCU) and the OCU platform for their unwavering support and collaboration. The collective efforts have played a pivotal role in advancing the initiative of Zero Waste Period Project and fostering positive change within the community.