Shillong, September, 02 : The Government of India through the Food Corporation of India (FCI) is releasing wheat and rice from the stocks available with it in excess of the buffer stocking norms through the Open Market Sale Scheme (OMSS(D)). The reserve price of rice to be offered under OMSS(D) auction has been reduced by Rs. 2 that is from Rs. 31 to Rs. 29 per Kg for non FRK rice and Rs. 31.73 to Rs. 29.73 per Kg for FRK rice.

The FCI, RO NEF Region for the States of Meghalaya, Mizoram and Tripura has begun the sale of wheat and rice under OMSS (D) to its empanelled (registered) buyers with effect from June 28, 2023. Wheat is offered to processors/atta chalki/flour millers/manufacturers of wheat products but not to traders, whereas rice is offered to traders/empanelled bulk buyers.

In the auctions held so far, a total of 4150 Metric Ton Wheat and 1900 Metric Ton Rice was sold from the various depots under NEF Region. For the upcoming e-auction dated September 6, 2023, a quantity of 800 Metric Ton Wheat and 3000 Metric Ton Rice will be offered under OMSS (D) scheme.

To benefit the consumers and general public at large, FCI expects more participation from the local empanelled (registered) buyers for the upcoming auction. Further, the wheat purchased by processors/atta chalki/flour millers/manufacturers from FCI under OMSS (D) has to be processed to wheat products and released to the market for sale within 30 days from the last date of lifting.

The NIT (Notice Inviting Tender) will be uploaded on every Friday in MJUNCTION Portal followed by Auction on successive Wednesday. EMD amount shall be deposited by the bidders on or before Monday (6 PM) for the next Wednesday’s auction.

Empanelled bidders should have a PAN number, valid FSSAI license as on date of publishing of tender for participation and other pre-requisites as mentioned in the MTF. Bidding would be allowed in a State against the GST/TRADE TAX REGISTRATION registered in that State/UT only. Only 100 MT wheat will be allowed to lift throughout the country under one PAN number.

In case of rice, Traders/Bulk buyers can bid for a maximum quantity of 1000 MT per bidder for all the depots put together in a single e-auction of Rice. Interested Bidders may contact help desk at 1800 102 7136 provided by M/s MJunction Services Ltd. or http://www.valuejunction.in/fci for empanelment and bidding through e-auction.