The exquisite shades of music sets the listeners hearts ablaze with the beautiful sound resonating through the Soso Tham Auditorium on May 31, 2024. The musical extravaganza under the banner Ha Jylli ki Khriang, organised by the Department of Music, Martin Luther Christian University, is one of the experiential learning platform for the students of the Department to express their musical ability to the community as a whole other than just the four corners of the classroom.

In this arena, the audience were enthralled with a vibrant display of music from the hills of North East India and over the water. From the soothing sound of the harp, to the folk melodies and the jead banhing, the fused strains and rhythmic amalgamation were distinctively articulated by the young budding musician.

To wrap up the Music for Wellness session, we were also entertained with a wonderful performance by the beautiful young minds of Mary Rice Center who also took part in this occasion. Another attraction of this event is the drawing of the lucky donor which was bagged by Ms Relisha Snaitang, who carried home a brand new Duitara. The response and turn-out of the well-wishers, family, friends and music lovers at this event bear witness to a weekend of good vibes, wonderful music and beautiful mood.