Shillong, July 11 : Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma, launched the Hello Meghalaya OTT platform, which is one among the country’s first OTT platform to promote content creators and Musicians of Meghalaya. The event also launched a formal collaboration between the Meghalaya Grassroots Music Project-MGMP and Hard Rock Cafe.

Paul Lyngdoh, Minister of Tourism, Donald P.Wahlang, Chief Secretary, Government of Meghalaya and other officials where also present at the event

In his speech, Chief Guest, Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma said, ” The launch of Hello Meghalaya is among the Country’s first OTT platform; is an initiative for Film makers, Content Creators and Musicians of the State to getthe platform they deserve to showcase their work.”

He also said that the collaboration between Meghalaya Grassroots Music Project-MGMP and Hard Rock Cafe is a game changer where our young talent pool have a chance to showcase their musical prowess on a National and even on an international level.

Speaking on the kind of support the government is lending, Sangma further said that tax considerations are looked into so that more margins are profited by the beneficiaries. Theatres would also be set up in various districts for screening of local content.

“We can only provide the platform and it is upto various audio and visual creators to keep up the momentum and sustain the platform. We are also providing financial incentives to beneficiaries which garner pre requisite viewership.

The government will support and will get a wide audience. In the end we are trying to create an ecosystem where every artist can sustain themselves and earn a livelihood”, said the Chief Minister in his emphasis on Government Support in this endeavour.

In perspective of the overall goal, Sangma said that it is the intent of the government to promote language and this is a great opportunity as we are on a constant plea for inclusion of the local languages of the State in the 8th Schedule.

On his conversation with Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, Sangma said that the Prime Minister is eager to see a fusion of indigenous music have an exchange of culture and also fusion of music so as to showcase the diverse spectrum of India’s music ecosystem.

Meghalaya Grassroots Music Project (MGMP)

The Meghalaya Grassroots Music Project (MGMP) is a pioneering initiative aimed at nurturing and promoting the rich musical heritage of Meghalaya. Rooted in the vibrant cultural tapestry of this north eastern Indian state, MGMP is dedicated to discovering, supporting, and showcasing local talent. The project provides a platform for budding musicians to hone their skills, perform before diverse audiences, and gain recognition beyond regional boundaries. Eight months in with the second season, MGMP’s mission remains firm, to preserve and celebrate the unique musical traditions of Meghalaya while fostering the growth of contemporary music scenes within the state.

Latest Collaboration with Hard Rock Cafe venues in India:l
In an exciting development, MGMP has joined forces with Hard Rock Cafe outposts in India to bring the sounds of Meghalaya to a broader audience. This collaboration aims to push local bands through an extensive tour across various cities in India, offering them unprecedented exposure and opportunities. The partnership will see talented MGMP artists performing at Hard Rock Cafe venues in major cities viz. Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, New Delhi and Kolkata, allowing music enthusiasts nationwide to experience the distinctive melodies and rhythms of Meghalaya.

This collaboration not only provides a larger stage for Meghalaya’s musicians but also integrates the rich cultural heritage of the region into the vibrant music scene of urban India. By combining MGMP’s grassroots approach with Hard Rock Cafe’s revered platform, this initiative promises to enhance cultural exchange, boost local tourism, and celebrate the diversity of Indian music.

Together, MGMP and Hard Rock Cafe in India are set to create a symphony of cultures, resonating from the hills of Meghalaya to the bustling metropolises of India, ensuring that the voices of local artists are heard far and wide.

There was also a Content Creator’s Contest held at the event where an esteemed jury consisting of Particia Mukhim- Editor Shillong times, Simi Khongthiang- Prominent Filmaker from Jaintia Hills, Nambi Marak- Cooking Sensation and runners up Master Chef India, Cyril D Diengdoh- Director Tourism, Robert Diengdoh-Chief Administrative Officer, Meghalayan Age Limited, MS Sangma-Director DIPR, D.Shira- Director Arts and Culture Govt of Meghalaya and also public poll selected the winners of the 14 categories and named below:

  1. Social Change influencer – JR Storyteller Lyndon
  2. Best Green Influencer – Green Tech Foundation
  3. Emerging Influencer of the year- Warimeki Lyngwa
  4. Best Food Influencer- Triyan Babilsi
  5. Best Travel Influencer- Grace Marbaning Arkimpito A Momin
  6. Best Comedy Influencer- Chi Iing
  7. Best Lifestyle Influencer – Pema Lalami Kyndiah
  8. Best Fashion Influencer – Dr Kham Chyrmang
  9. Best Music Influencer- Saldorik D Sangma Wanjop Sohklet
  10. Best Make Up Influencer- Rachel’s Anne Nongkhlaw
  11. Most Viral Influencer – Biria Shillong
  12. Infotainment Influencer- Iowanmi MYRIA TECHNOLOGY DA KHASI
  13. Healthy and wellbeing Influencer – Dapalei Stacy Warjri
  14. Best Podcaster- Ferdinand Rani, Ha Shillong