Shillong, July 16 : IIM Shillong inaugurated its Artists Residency Program at its Umsawli campus. The program, scheduled to run from July 16th, will host ten accomplished artists from various institutions across the country for a duration of 15 days. These artists will have the unique opportunity to live alongside the MBA students of the 2023 batch, immersing themselves in an environment filled with hope, aspirations, expectations, and excitement.

The inauguration ceremony was graced by Prof. D. P. Goyal, Director IIM Shillong, Prof. Rohit Dwivedi, Chair of Student Affairs and Samindranath Majumdar, the highly regarded Curator of the Artist-Residency Program. The entire IIM Shillong fraternity eagerly gathered to witness this occasion. Their attendance showcased their anticipation and enthusiasm for the upcoming initiative. As the ceremony unfolded, it set the stage for the days to come, offering a glimpse into the enriching experiences that await the participants. The inauguration ceremony provided a glimpse into the potential that the Artists Residency Program holds, promising a vibrant and creative environment for both the artists and the MBA students.

Discussions during the ceremony primarily revolved around the ‘Significance of art in our lives and its profound impact on our perspectives of the world’. Prof. D. P. Goyal Director IIM Shillong, also emphasized how art breathes life into objects and creates powerful experiences that resonate with individuals. The curator of the program, Samindranath Majumdar, and Rohit Dwivedi addressed the students, stressing the importance of engaging with art through reading and developing an appreciation for aesthetics. The event was conducted by Zeitgeist, the art, literary, quizzing, debating, and activities club of IIM Shillong. The entire IIM Shillong community eagerly anticipates the remarkable artwork that will be produced during the program.

The program encompasses diverse activities designed to inspire and foster creativity. By embracing the Artists Residency Program, IIM Shillong demonstrates its dedication to holistic learning, integrating artistic expression with business management to contribute to nation-building and responsible global business practices.