Shillong, February 15 : Members of the Khasi Jaintia Christian Leaders Forum (KJCLF), Shillong note with great consternation the harassment, perversion and threat of violence to the educational institutions run by inclusive Christian institutions and their dedicated personnel providing service to society and the nation. It appears that violent groups filled with hatred and prejudice against the minority Christians in the region are on a wild rampage with their bullying activities targeting institutions of learning, discipline and those committed to the welfare of the youth and their future.

On another tangent, with the nod to a bill which will ban ‘magical’ healing in the name of treatment by faith healers,  in Assam the dispensations in power are ferociously groping against aspects of piety, prayer, faith and spirituality which constitute the wholeness of a human person.

With the culture and spirit of harmony and inclusion in the region, the KJCLF appeals to the cultured Assamese people and the enlightened societies in the region to shake and shatter the perpetrators of hatred and prejudice and oppose those who are bereft of faith and hope in life. The Forum urges the parents and members of the society to protect the institutions of learning and the teachers who are committed to offer guidance for the welfare and future of their children. The Forum also exhorts all citizens to protect the sanctity of their faiths and beliefs guided by their conscience and sound mind, and must speak out against the forces that seek to destroy our culture of harmony and peace among societies and communities.