Tura, September 1 : Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma has called on the people to follow in the footsteps of his late father, PA Sangma, during the 7th PA Sangma Memorial Lecture in Tura. The event, organized by NEHU, Tura Campus, and the PA Sangma Foundation, was attended by renowned journalist Shekhar Gupta as a special speaker.

Chief Minister Sangma reflected on the principles and values instilled in him by PA Sangma, emphasizing the importance of always keeping the nation and its people first. He described his father as a true mentor and leader who prioritized the welfare of the people. Chief Minister Sangma also highlighted the lasting impact of PA Sangma’s teachings, stating that his values will continue to influence future generations.

Shekhar Gupta, speaking at the event, lamented the loss of PA Sangma and stressed the need for continued work on behalf of India’s tribal population. He mentioned that despite India having the largest tribal community in the world, there is a lack of pan-India tribal leaders representing their voice on a national level. PA Sangma, with his stature and reputation, was seen as a leader who represented all tribes of India.

Shekhar Gupta further noted the importance of tribal populations in maintaining India’s cohesion. He emphasized that tribal leaders are necessary to educate the rest of India about tribes and their way of life, ensuring that their sensibilities and perspectives are understood and represented.

The memorial lecture aimed to honor PA Sangma on his 76th Birth Anniversary and shed light on his remarkable leadership and contributions to Meghalaya and the tribal community. Both Chief Minister Sangma and Shekhar Gupta highlighted the need to carry forward his principles and work towards the betterment of the people.