Shillong 15 June : The Faculty of Arts and Culture at Martin Luther Christian University (MLCU) celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Meghalayan Age on June 14, 2023. The event was held on the university campus and featured a presentation by the Chancellor of MLCU, Dr. Glenn C. Kharkongor, as well as a number of competitions for students and schools.

Dr. Kharkongor’s presentation focused on the origins of the Meghalayan Age and why it was named after Meghalaya. He explained how Mawmluh cave, one of the longest and deepest caves in Meghalaya, showed conditions that were suitable for preserving chemical signs of the transition in ages.

The event also featured a number of competitions for students and schools. These included a smartphone photography competition, a digital photography competition, and a handmade poster competition. The winners of the competitions were awarded prizes.

The winners of the Handmade Poster Competition were:

  • First prize: Liza Rani Basumatary, Lady Keane College
  • Second prize: Noor Bano, Lady Keane College
  • Third prize: Rodinal Lyngdoh, Shonroy Basan Secondary School

The winners of the Smartphone Photography Competition were:

  • First prize: Albert Banlam
  • Second prize: Raymond Wellis War, MLCU
  • Third prize: Amandame Lywait, MLCU

The winners of the Digital Poster Competition were:

  • First prize: Fennyzia Marbaniang, MLCU
  • Second prize: Chanchal Loro, MLCU

The event was a success and helped to raise awareness of the Meghalayan Age and its significance to Meghalaya. It also provided an opportunity for students and schools to showcase their creativity and talent.