Shillong, November 08 : In a landmark move, the vice chancellors of private universities in Meghalaya convened for the first time to discuss the implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. The conference, held at Martin Luther Christian University’s Umsawli campus, brought together leaders from across the state’s higher education sector to chart a path forward for transforming education in line with NEP 2020’s transformative vision.

Gracing the occasion as the chief guest, Education Minister Rakkam A. Sangama commended the private universities for their proactive approach in adopting NEP 2020, emphasizing its significance as a catalyst for revitalizing higher education in the state and the nation at large. He underscored the need to contextualize the curriculum to align with the cultural heritage and aspirations of Meghalaya’s youth.

“NEP 2020 is a panacea for the improvement of higher education in our state and country,” asserted Minister Sangama. He urged the vice chancellors to submit a comprehensive report outlining their recommendations for NEP 2020 implementation, assuring them that the education department would give their proposals due consideration.

Echoing the minister’s sentiments, H. M. Shangpliang, advisor to the Education Department, Government of Meghalaya, expressed his unwavering support for the private universities’ commitment to implementing NEP 2020.

Dr GD Sharma, vice chancellor of USTM, emphasized the importance of prioritizing the state’s unique cultural identity, indigenous knowledge, and rich biodiversity in the implementation of NEP 2020. He also presented practical strategies for cost-effective implementation of the policy.

Dean of Academics at MLCU, Prof Jennifer War, presented a detailed report on the full-fledged implementation of NEP 2020 for undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs at MLCU, starting with the 2023 batch.

The vice chancellors unanimously agreed on the urgent need to accelerate the implementation of NEP 2020 to empower the youth of Meghalaya and equip them to compete with the best universities in the country.

Universities that participated in the conclave included the University of Science and Technology Meghalaya (USTM), CMJ University, North East Adventist University (NEAU), Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU), and the host, Martin Luther Christian University.