Shruti Pradhan, a chartered accountant based in Shillong, has been recognized by the Eastern India Regional Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) for her significant contributions to the field of accountancy and her dedication to promoting financial literacy in Meghalaya, particularly among women entrepreneurs.

Pradhan’s journey began in 2010 when she noticed a significant gap in financial literacy among the state’s indigenous population. She identified a particular need for education on savings, investments, and financial management, especially for women running small businesses.

To bridge this gap, Pradhan actively participated in workshops organized by government departments and private organizations, establishing herself as a financial expert and building relationships with the state’s entrepreneurial community. She now serves as an advisor to many entrepreneurs, with a particular focus on empowering women-led enterprises.

Pradhan is a strong advocate for financial independence for women. She recognizes the challenges women face, including the need to balance work and family responsibilities, and believes that financial knowledge is crucial for their success.

Her work extends beyond individual businesses. Pradhan has consulted with government agencies to establish best practices for financial management within the state. She is a vocal proponent of self-help groups, urging them to become recognized legal entities and develop their own marketing teams to achieve greater independence.

Shruti Pradhan’s dedication to financial literacy has made her a valuable resource for Meghalaya’s entrepreneurs. The ICAI’s recognition of her work highlights the importance of financial literacy in fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem within the state.