Shillong, December 22: The 19th Shillong Wine Festival resonated with the clinking of glasses and the buzz of excitement as Meghalaya’s burgeoning winemaking industry took center stage. The Minister of Tourism, Paul Lyngdoh, graced the event, celebrating the state’s remarkable progress in this unique segment.

Organized by Forever Young in collaboration with the Meghalaya Farmers’ Commission, Fruit Winemakers’ Association, and Meghalaya Tourism, the two-day festival showcased the state’s bounty of high-quality fruit wines. Meghalaya’s diverse and fertile lands nurture a variety of fruits, each lending its unique flavor to the wines.

Minister Lyngdoh expressed his fervent belief in Meghalaya’s potential to become the “fruit-wine capital of India.” He stated, “I am confident that the winemaking industry can be a transformative force for our state, empowering our farmers and boosting the local economy. We are committed to providing all the necessary support, including exploring the establishment of a Special Economic Zone dedicated to winemaking.”

The collaborative effort behind the Shillong Wine Festival reflects the shared vision of propelling Meghalaya’s wine industry to national and international prominence. The event provided a platform for winemakers to connect with enthusiasts, showcasing their craft and sharing the story of Meghalaya’s unique flavors.

Minister Lyngdoh extended his heartfelt congratulations to the winemakers, organizers, and everyone who has contributed to Meghalaya’s flourishing winemaking journey. The 19th Shillong Wine Festival served as a vibrant celebration of the state’s potential and a toast to a future brimming with fruity success.