In a move to facilitate timely payments and boost the festive spirit, the Union Government has authorized the early release of tax devolution amounting to ₹72,961.21 crore to State Governments for November 2023. The funds, which are usually disbursed on the 10th of each month, were released three days ahead of schedule on 7th November.

This early release aims to enable the State Governments to make in-time payments and provide financial support during the festive season. The funds will contribute to the celebrations and festivities among the people across the country.

The distribution of the tax devolution for November 2023 is as follows:

Andhra Pradesh: ₹2,952.74 crore
Arunachal Pradesh: ₹1,281.93 crore
Assam: ₹2,282.24 crore
Bihar: ₹7,338.44 crore
Chhattisgarh: ₹2,485.79 crore
Goa: ₹281.63 crore
Gujarat: ₹2,537.59 crore
Haryana: ₹797.47 crore
Himachal Pradesh: ₹605.57 crore
Jharkhand: ₹2,412.83 crore
Karnataka: ₹2,660.88 crore
Kerala: ₹1,404.50 crore
Madhya Pradesh: ₹5,727.44 crore
Maharashtra: ₹4,608.96 crore
Manipur: ₹522.41 crore
Meghalaya: ₹559.61 crore
Mizoram: ₹364.80 crore
Nagaland: ₹415.15 crore
Odisha: ₹3,303.69 crore
Punjab: ₹1,318.40 crore
Rajasthan: ₹4,396.64 crore
Sikkim: ₹283.10 crore
Tamil Nadu: ₹2,976.10 crore
Telangana: ₹1,533.64 crore
Tripura: ₹516.56 crore
Uttar Pradesh: ₹13,088.51 crore
Uttarakhand: ₹815.71 crore
West Bengal: ₹5,488.88 crore

The total amount released to all State Governments sums up to ₹72,961.21 crore.

With this early release of funds, the Union Government aims to ensure the smooth functioning of State Governments in meeting their financial commitments and providing impetus to the festive celebrations across the nation.