Shillong, January 04 : Get ready for a thrilling countdown! The official anthem, “Here We Play,” has been unveiled, marking the vibrant start of the much-anticipated Meghalaya Games 2024. This electrifying collaboration between Shillong’s SUMMERSALT and Tura’s NOKPANTE sets the stage for a spectacular event celebrating unity through sportsmanship and embracing the state’s diverse cultural tapestry.

The anthem launch in Tura on January 4th wasn’t just a musical moment; it was a symphony of excitement for the Games, scheduled to run from January 15th to 20th. Created under the West Garo Hills DC Initiative for the Department of Sports & Youth Affairs, “Here We Play” seamlessly weaves English, Khasi, Garo, and Pnar languages, echoing the spirit of a unified Meghalaya.

“The anthem embodies the values of unity, perseverance, and the indomitable Meghalayan spirit,” declared Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma. “May it resonate through stadiums, inspire our athletes to push their limits, and create lasting memories for all.”

Sports & Youth Affairs Minister Shakliar Warjri chimed in, “This anthem encapsulates the essence of unity, passion, and unwavering determination that defines our Meghalaya Games. It’s a testament to the Chief Minister’s vision of using sports to bridge divides and foster a sense of pride in our heritage.”

The lyrics, penned by Kit Shangpliang (SUMMERSALT) and Mikhael Marak (NOKPANTE), weave a narrative of hard work, discipline, and resilience, urging athletes to strive for excellence. Augustine Kurbah’s masterful orchestration blends indigenous musical elements, creating a rhythm that mirrors the vibrant heartbeat of Meghalaya.

“This has been a labour of love,” expressed Kit Shangpliang. “The melody is catchy, the rhythm is foot-tapping, and the lyrics are motivational. Our partnership with NOKPANTE has been seamless, and we’re grateful for the trust.”

Adding to the musical tapestry, NOKPANTE’s Mikhail Marak emphasized, “We’ve intentionally incorporated Garo and Khasi chants to inject indigeneity, ensuring equitable representation of both Khasi and Garo identities.”

“Here We Play” will be omnipresent throughout the Games, becoming its official anthem and accompanying medal ceremonies. It’s a melodious convergence of victory chants, symbolized by “Hoikiw” and “Ahowee,” reflecting Meghalaya’s dedication to sports excellence.

Meghalaya Games has steadily established itself as a premier sporting event, providing a platform for over 3,000 athletes across 19 disciplines. The successful 4th edition in Shillong showcased the state’s commitment to nurturing talent, with over 700 medals awarded. As the 2024 Games approach, “Here We Play” serves as a stirring anthem not just for the event, but for the spirit of unity, diversity, and sporting prowess that defines Meghalaya.