Shillong, June 27 : Meghalaya Cabinet on Tuesday amended various Office Memorandum regarding Job Reservation. The cabinet modified OM issued in 1974 with regards to vacancies reserved for Garo categories. Vacancies for Garo category will be filled by Garo candidates from within the State only. Earlier OM had allowed Garos from outside the State to fill vacancies.

Cabinet also amended OM of the Personnel Department on Reservation Policy and Reservation Roster. Memorandum issued in 1972 with regard to vacancies for STs and SCs, which stated that number of vacancies advertised has to be 9 or less for vacancies advertised for the potential communities, would not arise anymore, as roster point in reservation would be followed. This means that henceforth, vacancies advertised will be as per roster point and not based on number of vacancies advertised.

Cabinet also amended the OM of 2020 with regards to reservation roster for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). Reservation for PWDs has been fixed as per definite point in the reservation roster. Previous OM will not be applicable anymore.

Another provision added to the OM of the Reservation Policy is candidates applying for vacancies at the district level, mandates that candidates applying through the District Selection Committee qualify in the local language of the district.

Cabinet also passed proposal on amendment of Meghalaya District Court Ministerial Service 2020. This will ensure that District Courts services will be non – transferable. Through this amendment the District Courts have been authorised to omit and delete Rule No. 33 pertaining to recruitment. It also ensures that District Selection Committee (DSC) rules are adopted in the appointment.

Cabinet also amended schedule IV of the Meghalaya Delegation of Finance Power Rules 2006, which will ensure financial powers to DGP/IGP/DIGP/SP under different categories.

Cabinet also had extensive discussion on certain plans and programmes of the Urban Department to improve mobility in cities across the State of Meghalaya. Cabinet was familiarised with different programmes relating to traffic decongestion, safe drinking water, skywalk and leisure parks across different parts of the State.