Nongpoh, June 30 : In a major development for rural healthcare, Bethany Hospital Outreach in Nongpoh has marked a significant milestone with the successful execution of the first-ever peritoneal dialysis on a newborn. The case was overseen by Dr. D. Ranee, a consultant paediatrician, highlighting the capability for advanced healthcare treatments to be accessed in rural areas.

The newborn was delivered at the Civil Hospital, Nongpoh, through an assisted breech delivery, on 30th May, 2023. Signs of complications were present as the baby did not cry at birth, prompting immediate referral to Bethany Hospital Outreach for specialized medical attention.

The baby, on arrival at the hospital, was swiftly put under critical resuscitation measures in a bid to stabilize the condition. The infant had HIE stage II (Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy) and Acute Kidney Injury. To curb and control the kidney-related concerns, the medical team opted for peritoneal dialysis after getting consent from the family. The procedure involves careful clearance of waste products and excessive fluids from the body by way of blood cleansing within the peritoneal cavity.

The decision to initiate peritoneal dialysis was taken after repeated tests showed a significant rise in kidney function impairment. A hurdle was encountered when the infant developed peritonitis, a severe peritoneum infection. However, the efficient team managed to successfully treat the infection, which allowed the continuation of peritoneal dialysis sessions until a noticeable improvement in the baby’s kidney functions was confirmed.

After a period of wholesome care and treatment, the child displayed impressive recovery and was discharged from the hospital on 22nd June, 2023. A follow-up review a week post-discharge found the baby to be in healthy condition and flourishing.

The successful achievement underscores the importance of, and need for, advanced healthcare services in rural locations, despite the limited resources and other challenges that accompany rural healthcare provision.

The Bethany Hospital family acknowledges the exceptional work and dedication of Dr. D. Ranee and her entire medical team, who made this groundbreaking medical success possible.