Shillong, September 11 : Justice Syiem, the State Kisan Morcha President, has hit back at former legislator H.M. Shangpliang, who had made allegations of nepotism and political bias against the party. Syiem said that Shangpliang’s statements were “baseless, full of false wood and bias”. He also said that Shangpliang had changed his political ideology four times in the last six years.

Syiem said that political workers do voluntary work and that the party assigns responsibilities to its cadres on the basis of their available time, skills, and experience. He said that the same yardstick was followed when Matilda Kharbuki and Shangpliang’s cousin brother were assigned responsibilities in the party.

Syiem also said that Shangpliang’s charge on political appointments was “self-explanatory”. He said that Shangpliang’s statement showed that he joins political parties only for political gains, and not for the ideology of the party or for the development of people.

Syiem said that there were 100 more important workers in the party who worked selflessly and deserved rewards. He said that only the party is authorized to take a decision on the matters of rewards.

Syiem said that he had personally asked Shangpliang several times to give names for Kisan Morcha organisational responsibilities in the state and to constitute the Kisan Morcha Mandal Mawsynram. However, Shangpliang had told him that he was busy with government assignments and would get back to him. Syiem said that in reality, Shangpliang had never delivered anything to the party in his nine months in the BJP.