Shillong, April 7 : The rolling hills, in different parts of Meghalaya are currently, awash with vibrant red, and the state is set to celebrate its bounty with the “Strawberry Festival.” Originally scheduled to run from April 5th to 13th, the much-anticipated Meghalaya Strawberry Festival will now be a two-day extravaganza, taking place on April 12th and 13th, 2024.

Though dates have been changed, the essence of the Strawberry Festival 2024 remains the same – a vibrant celebration of Meghalaya’s flourishing strawberry fields and a chance to immerse in the state’s rich agro-tourism offerings.

The Meghalaya Grassroots Music Project (MGMP) is playing a key role in this year’s strawberry festival through its “Support Local Farmers” theme, emphasizing on the message that the festival is a platform to encourage and support our local farmers who toil hard night and day.

The festival will unfold across stunning venues across Meghalaya, each offering a unique blend of activities; Sohliya, Umsning, Ri Bhoi District, Iewpynsing, Nohron, East Khasi Hills District, Kynktieh, Syntung, East Khasi Hills District and Darechikgre, West Garo Hills District where people can immerse themselves in activities such as strawberry picking, embark on a scenic cycling trek, and witness live music and cultural performances. Children can have a blast with dedicated activities, while everyone can learn the art of crafting treats through interactive cooking demonstrations. A special workshop on local beverages will also be delivered and many more activities.

The festival aims to empower the farming community, local businesses in rural areas and showcase the potential of Meghalaya’s thriving agro-tourism sector. With the harvest season in full swing, the festival promises a delightful immersion into the world of strawberries.