Cadet Dawanpynshai Marwein, hailing from Nongpoh, Meghalaya, is a Senior NCC Cadet of 2 Meghalaya Battalion NCC/ Shillong Group from St Anthonys College, Shillong. Cadet Marwein was part of the 24 member NCC Sports Shooting team representing the State of Meghalaya in the Sports Shooting competition organised under the aegis ofNER NCC Directorate. The competition was held at the Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium, Guwahati from 18 April to 26 April 2024. His exceptional skills and unwavering determination led to secure the coveted Gold Medal position in the 3P (Three Positions) category.

Challenges and Triumphs

The transition from Shillong’s moderate climate to the scorching heat of Guwahati posed a significant challenge for Cadet Marwein and his fellow teammates, however, Cadet Marwein’s unwavering resilience, hardwork and commitment stood out, adapting to the adverse conditions, he demonstratedmental fortitude and physical endurance leading to realizing the Gold Medal.

The Guiding Light: Instructor Staff of 2 Megh Battalion NCC

Cadet Marwein owes his success to the NCC Instructor Staff of 2 Meghalaya Bn for giving him and his team matesadequate shooting practice sessions and meticulous trainingprior to the competition and mentoring him right from the initial practice sessions to the intense competition days. The guidance and unwavering support not only fine-tuned hisshooting technique but also served as a motivational force, instilling confidence and self-belief which propelled Cadet Marwein towards excellence. 

Winning Mindset

Cadet Marwein’s journey to the Gold Medalist podium underscores a fundamental truth: belief in oneself is paramount. He exemplifies the spirit of a champion—undaunted by challenges, resilient in adversity, and accepting of whatever comes his way. His mantra: “To be a Gold Medalist in sports shooting, you must first believe in your abilities.”

Future Aim

As Cadet Dawanpynshai Marwein is enjoying his recent achievement and is an inspiration to other fellow NCC Cadetsof Meghalaya State, he intends keeping his focus to score even better shots when he represents the NER NCC Directorate team to participate in the All-India NCC shooting competition and the Republic Day Parade 2025 competition to be held at New Delhi.