Shillong, September 14 : The Meghalaya Farmers’ (Empowerment) Commission (MFEC) is actively promoting the state’s fruit wine industry by offering certification courses and winery internships to local winemakers.

In September 2020, the Government of Meghalaya amended the Meghalaya Excise Rules to legalize the production and sale of homemade wines under license. This amendment was adopted with the intent of creating opportunities for wine tourism, boosting the horticulture sector, and supporting local winemakers, entrepreneurs, and farmers.

In June and July 2023, MFEC held the first batch of Wine Appreciation & Wine Making Certification Courses for 68 trainees. The second batch of 25 trainees completed their courses in August 2023. A total of 93 winemakers have been trained so far, and 16 of them are currently undergoing internships in the winery of Hill Zill wines in Bordi, Maharashtra.

The courses offer guided tastings, educational workshops, and interactive sessions with sommeliers and winemakers. This immersive and enriching experience is designed for wine enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and industry professionals looking to enhance their knowledge, indulge their senses, and connect with fellow wine enthusiasts.

MFEC is organizing the Wine Appreciation & Wine Making Certification Courses to encourage local winemakers to transition from traditional to modern winemaking techniques. This will help ensure that the quality of wine produced in Meghalaya matches nationally and internationally recognized wine standards.

MFEC was actively involved in formulating the current policy for promoting the fruit wine industry in Meghalaya. The Commission is now taking on the responsibility to provide an impetus not only for winemakers but also for consumers and businesses to actively promote and consume local fruit wines and meads in the country. MFEC wants to ensure that Meghalaya is at the forefront of fruit wine and mead production and refinement throughout the northeast.