Shillong, August 15 : Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma has expressed his gratitude to the Union Government and the Central Agriculture University Imphal for making interim arrangements for 4th year students from Meghalaya studying at the university to conduct their Rural Agriculture Work Experience (RAWE) Program in CAU, Kyrdemkulai, Meghalaya.

The students were originally scheduled to conduct their RAWE program in Manipur, but the program was disrupted due to ethnic violence in the state. The interim arrangements will allow the students to continue their education without interruption.

The Central Agriculture University Imphal has also extended the interim arrangements to students from other states who are studying at the university. This is a thoughtful gesture that will ensure that all students are able to complete their education.

CM Sangma thanked the Union Agriculture Minister, Narendra Singh Tomar, for his intervention in the matter.

The interim arrangements are a positive step that will help to ensure that the students are able to complete their education without any further disruption. CM Sangma’s gratitude to the GoI and CAU Imphal is well-deserved.