Shillong, April 11: The Centre for Community Impact and Engagement for North-East (NE-CCIE), IIM Shillong organized an event, ‘SchoolConnect: Engagement through Reflection,’ on April 10, 2024. This initiative aimed to cultivate a collaborative platform for stakeholders from diverse schools across Shillong to actively participate, reflect upon, and synergize efforts in advancing educational practices.

The event garnered a remarkable turnout, witnessing approximately 190 students and 37 teachers representing 15 schools in Shillong, all actively engaging in insightful discussions and collaborative activities. The event proved to be an enriching experience for educators and students alike, as faculty members of IIM Shillong had the privilege to interact with the bright young minds of Shillong’s schools.

The student sessions were meticulously designed to nurture personal development and explore career pathways. Students expressed their innovative ideas on career choices and profound insights into personal growth.

During the teachers’ session, educators were encouraged to share their joys, concerns, and sources of motivation. The discussions unearthed both triumphs and challenges within the educational landscape, emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts to overcome obstacles and foster educational excellence.

Ms. Patricia Mukhim emphasized community involvement, sustainable practices, and the preservation of indigenous heritage. Additionally, she urged graduates of IIM Shillong to give back to society and emphasized the institute’s role beyond employability.

Furthermore, the event featured a stimulating brainstorming session addressing contemporary issues such as the impact of mobile addiction on learning, societal biases towards certain subjects, and the emergence of AI teachers. Teachers underscored the indispensable role of human educators and advocated for interdisciplinary approaches to education.