The NESO, would like to express its deep sense of sorrow at the ongoing incidents of violence and arson in Manipur which is still continuing resulting in the loss of precious lives and destruction to properties. In this context, NESO is expressing its solidarity with the suffering of Manipur and calls for ‘Peace’ to prevail and immediate cessation of all sorts of violence and vandalism in this highly volatile situation. NESO appeals to all the citizens of Manipur not to believe and spread fake news, misinformation or false propaganda which will only worsen the present situation.

The NESO, squarely blames both the State and the Central Governments for their utter failure in controlling and stopping violence even after more than 45 (forty five) days of conflict in spite of the visit of the Union Home Minister and the presence of the additional armed forces in Manipur numbering more than 40,000 (forty thousand) personnel. NESO expresses its shock and surprise at the Prime Minister for maintaining a strict silence till date on the happening in Manipur. His told silence will only further alienate the indigenous peoples of the Northeast. The NESO urged upon the PM to speak up lest the Government of India has a hidden agenda behind his inaction. 

The NESO in the mean while will hold Candle light vigil in all state capitals on the 28th June 2023 appealing for peace and to shun violence so that peace and tranquility to once gain prevail in Manipur.