Shillong, July 3 : The Meghalaya government has imposed a “No Honking Zone” in 12 locations and routes in Shillong and 1 in Ri-Bhoi District with immediate effect and until further orders. The move is aimed at reducing noise pollution and improving the overall ambience in these areas.

The locations and routes that have been declared as “No Honking Zones” are:

  • Dr. H.Gordon Robert Robert Hospital Jaiaw
  • Military Hospital, Shillong
  • Children’s Hospital, Pohkseh
  • Dispensary, Rynjah
  • Arbuthnot Road, Nazareth Hospital
  • Bethany Hospital
  • Civil Hospital, Shillong
  • Raj Bhavan
  • Meghalaya High Court
  • CM’s Bungalow,Oakland
  • Meghalaya secretariat
  • Additional Secretariat
  • Orchid Resort complex, Ri- Bhoi

The “No Honking Zone” rule is part of the government’s efforts to make Shillong a more livable city. The government has also taken other steps to reduce noise pollution in the city, such as banning the use of loudspeakers after 10pm.