Shillong, August 21 : The Public Health Engineering Department (PHE) of Meghalaya launched the “Water Guardians: Strengthening Sustainable Communities” campaign on August 18, 2023, an initiative under Jal Jeevan Mission. The campaign aims to identify and recognize villages in Meghalaya that have adopted unique practices or made exemplary efforts towards water conservation and sustainability within their community.

    The campaign was launched by Marcuise N. Marak, Public Health Engineering Minister, in the presence of the Syed Md. A. Razi, Commissioner & Secretary, PHED cum Mission Director, JJM Meghalaya, B.M. Lyndem, Chief Engineer, PHED and other officials. The minister stressed the need for concerted efforts towards sustainable water management and to do everything we can to conserve water and make sure that our water sources are sustainable.

    The campaign embodies the very essence of water conservation and sustainable practices, and aims to honor the spirit of innovation, community engagement, and enduring commitment that village communities have displayed in safeguarding their water resources.

    Jal Jeevan Mission extends an invitation to both individuals and communities to become part of this movement aimed at forging a sustainable future. Together, the mission aspires to commemorate the often-overlooked ‘water guardians’ who are effecting transformative changes within communities through their unwavering commitment to water conservation endeavours. United in purpose, JJM Meghalaya, endeavors to shape a tomorrow where water is held in reverence, safeguarded with diligence, and shared judiciously.