Shillong, December 11: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the ‘Viksit Bharat @2047: Voice of Youth’ initiative today, urging students and universities to contribute their ideas and suggestions for building a developed India by 2047. The program was launched via video conferencing, with Vice Chancellors, Heads of Institutes, faculty members, and students participating in workshops across the country.

Meghalaya Governor Phagu Chauhan and Chief Minister Conrad Sangma joined the program at Raj Bhavan Shillong, where workshops were held on the themes “Empowered Indian” and “Thriving and Sustainable Economy.” The workshops involved separate sessions for Heads of Higher Educational Institutions, Faculties, and Students, facilitating stakeholder engagement in shaping a developed India.

Prime Minister Modi highlighted the pivotal role of educational institutions and youth in nation-building. He emphasized the need for personality development and channeled energy to achieve the shared goal of a developed India. He encouraged everyone to push beyond limits and contribute actively to this vision.

The Prime Minister announced the launch of the Ideas Portal, inviting suggestions on five different themes related to Viksit Bharat. He emphasized the importance of public participation and collaboration in formulating policies and achieving the vision. Drawing an analogy to an exam, he stressed the need for dedicated effort and collective action to succeed.

Governor Chauhan urged the youth to visit the Visit Bharat portal and submit their thoughts and ideas by December 25th, 2023. He lauded the initiative for engaging educational institutions, which play a crucial role in shaping the future generation.

Chief Minister Sangma emphasized the potential and responsibility of youth in building the nation. He stressed the importance of nurturing them with the right mindset and values to become a constructive force for change. He thanked the Prime Minister for his vision and urged everyone to contribute actively towards achieving a developed India.

Professor Rohit Dwivedi from IIM Shillong summarized the workshop findings. Participants stressed on Equality, Quality, and Development as key principles for a developed India. Students envisioned a healthier, more informed, and sustainable society, while Heads of Institutions emphasized skill development and technology utilization.