Shillong, April 29: Get ready to sink into the season’s fresh and luscious strawberries, as Shillong gears up for the Strawberry Market from 29th April, Monday to 3rd May, Friday at the Khyndailad, Police Bazaar. This event promises a delightful combination of local produce, artistic expression, and community spirit.

Building on the recent success of the Meghalaya Strawberry Festival held earlier this month from April 12th to April 13th, the upcoming strawberry market offers a unique opportunity to extend the celebration of Meghalaya’s luscious strawberries and rich agro-tourism offerings. The Strawberry Festival aimed at spotlighting the luscious strawberries of the state, with the strawberry market being an extension of the celebration of Meghalaya’s bountiful harvest. It will showcase hand-picked, farm fresh strawberries grown in the fields of Nohron and Syntung. Attendees can savor the deliciousness that comes with local produce, bursting with flavor straight from the fields.

The market is also committed to supporting the hardworking farmers who cultivate the berries. The event will provide them with the platform to showcase their produce and with every purchase, the buyer will be contributing to the welfare and economic well-being of the farmers. The market will remain open from 12 noon to 8 pm.

It is interesting to note that the Meghalaya Grassroots Music Project (MGMP) will be taking center stage at the market giving the attendees the opportunity to witness their favourite artists where sweet tunes meet juicy berries. This initiative brings together talented local artists offering them a platform to showcase their music and connect with the community.

The strawberry market promises a delightful experience for all as we celebrate Meghalaya’s agricultural heritage, vibrant music scene and the simple pleasure of savoring the season’s freshest strawberries. It will be an immersive experience from farm to markets showcasing the region’s strawberries and the dedication of local farmers who bring these ruby-red treats to the market.