Shillong, June 21 : The state government has announced its intentions to regulate the growing number of taxi aggregators operating in the capital city. The move comes after a rise in public dependence on two-wheelers, such as the popular “Rapido”, which have been operating as taxi aggregators without obtaining licenses from the competent authority.

Commissioner & Secretary in-charge Transport E. Kharmalki has stated that the state government will soon notify permit tax, road tax, and passenger fares to be charged by these taxi aggregators. This decision follows the Ministry of Road Transport’s issuance of a statutory order in June 2021, which declared two-wheelers as valid taxi aggregators.

The state transport department has already invited interested parties to register with the department and obtain licenses to operate as taxi aggregators. So far, only Jet 24×7 has secured a license to operate in Shillong. However, the company has not yet launched operations due to the lack of permit tax, road tax, and passenger fares notifications.

The Commissioner & Secretary in-charge Transport has assured that the state cabinet will soon approve the final requirements for taxi aggregators operating in Shillong to ensure that public safety, fare regulations, and system integrity are maintained.