New Delhi, July 30 : The All India Federation of University & College Teachers’ Organisations (AIFUCTO) and Joint Forum for Movement on Education (JFME) have called up on the teaching fraternity across the country to organise protest at state level on 1st August, 2023 demanding withdrawal of NEP, Implementation of OPS and to end the adhocism in the entire system of education.

In a press statement issued today, General Secretary AIFUCTO Prof. Arun Kumar said that NEP-2020 has been imposed upon the collective wisdom of the nation without consulting the stakeholders. Neither the parliament nor the state governments have been taken into confidence. AIFUCTO along with JFME manifested through many programs of action to attract attention of the central government from 2020 but did not find democratic response.

AIFUCTO and all the contigents of JFME have firm view that the NEP-2020 is an attempt to Centralize, Corporatize, Commercialize and Communalize the system of Education. In NEP-2020 constitutional ethos, democratic values, secularism, federalism and social justice have been seriously and intensionally ignored.NEP- 2020 is un- democratic,un-scientific,retrograde and exclusionary in nature. This NEP is against the poor, girls, minorities and marginalized section of societies because the whole system has been shifted from grant to loan. Education System of the nation is in deep crisis.

Being failed in all our previous attempts to arouse the democratic conscience of the Government of India AIFUCTO with JFME decided to organise protests at state levels on 1st August, 2023 and Massive Demonstration on 13th September, 2023 in Delhi. Our charter of demands include Withdraw NEP, Restore OPS,10% GDP for Education. Absorb/regularise the services ad- hoc/part-time/guest teachers/contractual/block grant employees and provide them dignified salary and security of service like pension, gratuity etc. Along theses issues, state level demands must be included.

AIFUCTO called upon the teaching fraternity across the country to come forward to lodge our intense protest to save our public system of education and its democratic, secular, scientific and federal character. AIFUCTO & JFME appeals the Government of India not to impose common syllabus, cuet, virtual university, BoG, budget cut and blended mode of learning which is complete against the common mass of the entire nation, diversities of our nation and exclusionary for the poor and marginalised section of the society. AIFUCTO hopes that good sense will prevail to the Central Education Minister Sri Dharmendra Pradhan for discussion with all stakeholders including AIFUCTO to save campus, save education, save nation.