Shillong, March 13 : Education Minister, Rakkam A Sangma, along with Education Advisor, H.M. Shangpliang, today launched the Vidya Samiksha Kendra at the Directorate of Educational Research & Training (DERT) Annexe in Malki, Shillong. 

The Department of Education, Government of Meghalaya in collaboration with Samagra Shiksha State Education Mission Authority of Meghalaya (SEMAM) through Vidya Samiksha Kendra aims to empower students to achieve their aspirations through quality education while incorporating real-time monitoring supported by artificial intelligence.

The Vidya Samiksha Kendra, conceptualized by the Ministry of Education, acts as a force multiplier, enhancing existing capabilities within the education system. This initiative is anticipated to bring about transformative changes leading to desired educational outcomes.

Education Minister, Rakkam A Sangma underscored the mass benefits of the initiative, acknowledging that although it may seem challenging initially, the long-term outcomes will be rewarding. He also said the Vidya Samiksha Kendra is designed to leverage technology for the betterment of education, offering a comprehensive approach to monitoring and improving the quality of education across the state.

Sangma further said we are here to serve the purpose and our purpose is to educate our children and this system has been designed to make someone’s lives better.

Education Advisor to the Government of Meghalaya, H.M Shangpliang while addressing the gathering emphasized that the Vidya Samiksha Kendra will not only simplify processes but also enhance transparency among various stakeholders involved in the education system. 

He also said that through this the department will be able to know about the standard of the school, the ability of the teachers, and students as well.