Shillong, April 24: In a landmark achievement for reproductive health, Bethany Hospital, Shillong proudly announces the birth of a healthy baby earlier this week, marking the first successful conception through Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) fully performed within its Centre for Reproductive Medicine. This is Meghalaya’s first successful ICSI and first successful Frozen embryo transfer conception. 

The breakthrough procedure of Assisted Reproductive Technology with ICSI was conducted for a couple facing infertility for ten years. Despite encountering a minor uterine defect, the hospital’s expert team utilized cutting-edge techniques to navigate these challenges successfully. Following the correction of the uterine defect through hysteroscopy, the frozen embryo transfer was done after thawing. All the procedures right from the ovarian stimulation, oocyte(egg) retrieval, ICSI, freezing, hysteroscopy, thawing and frozen embryo transfer were carried out at Bethany Hospital, Shillong.

ICSI is an Assisted Reproductive Technology procedure in which a single healthy active sperm is directly injected into an egg to achieve fertilization. ICSI is an advancement over IVF. In IVF, the eggs are mixed with sperms in a dish to achieve fertilization and for this, a lot of healthy motile sperms are needed. ICSI is a revolutionary development discovered in 1992 to help men with low sperm count and compromised motility. 

The stellar success of this endeavour can be attributed to the collaborative efforts of Bethany Hospital’s dedicated team of professionals. The reproductive medicine and surgery team, comprised of Dr. Batiston D. Waanbah (Infertility Specialist), Dr. Wanda B. Makdoh (Anaesthesiologist), Ms. K. Aniesha Blah (Embryologist), Mr. Stephen V (Embryologist), Staff nurse H. Rana, Staff nurse DarisukLyngdoh and Health Assistant Riwanki Lyngdoh.

The antenatal care and delivery of the baby was performed by the state’s renowned Dr.Clarinda Khongwar (Obstetrician) with Dr. Rida P Nongrum (Obstetrician) and Dr. Rebecca Fanai (Anaesthesiologist). Additionally, Dr. Uma Ghosh (Paediatrician) provided expert newborncare following delivery, ensuring the well-being of the newborn.