Shillong, June 23 : Mariahom Kharkrang, the BJP spokesperson for Meghalaya, has slammed the Congress party for its recent statement that it is ready to form government with the MDA II. Kharkrang said that the Congress is simply trying to grab cheap publicity and that its statement is nothing but a diversionary tactic.

He said that the Congress is a sinking ship and that its fate of doom cannot be saved by anyone. He also said that the Congress is afraid of the BJP’s transparent and zero-tolerance corruption policy.

“The Congress dream of others leaving BJP aside and wanting to form alliance with them is a mockery of the dynamics of coalition politics,” Kharkrang said. “People of the state know well that BJP is a strong and steady partner in MDA II and its presence in the coalition gives MDA II the might to forge ahead with people-centric policies and development as its agenda.”

He also said that the BJP is an important ally in MDA II and that it is keenly observing the functioning of the government and ensuring that the dividends of the central policies made for the benefit of the people reaches the beneficiaries.