Shillong, October 29 : Dev. Connect 2023, held on October 28, 2023, at the Prime Startup Hub in Shillong, was a resounding success. Organised by the Meghalaya Developers and Graphic Designers Community, this event brought together participants from various colleges and software development firms within and outside the state, creating a dynamic gathering of tech enthusiasts and seasoned developers.

The event kicked off with an engaging opening session led by Mr. Christopher Wanswett, a distinguished core member of the community. His inspiring words set the tone for a day filled with knowledge-sharing and innovation.

Among the sessions, Codigon showcased their open-source PHP Framework titled Weaver, emphasising its simplicity and ease of use for small projects.

Mr. George Kharmujai, a software engineer at Axelerant Technologies, delivered an enlightening technical talk on Drupal CMS. His expertise highlighted the versatility and advantages of Drupal, leaving the audience informed and inspired.

Adding diversity to the event, TechSoul presented the ELI framework, specifically EliCSS, demonstrating its impact on web development and design.

In the afternoon, participants engaged in simultaneous hands-on sessions. Flutter Meghalaya led a mobile app development workshop, providing practical learning opportunities and creating a dynamic app. Meanwhile, the core members explored IoT—an emerging field—with an immersive hands-on session in connecting things to the internet.

The event concluded on a positive note as Mr. Kyrshanlang R. Dkhar, Secretary of the community, expressed heartfelt gratitude to all participants, speakers, and organisers for making Dev. Connect 2023 an outstanding success.

Dev. Connect 2023 not only united the tech community in Meghalaya but also served as a valuable platform for participants to acquire knowledge, network, and share ideas. The unwavering commitment of the organising team and the expertise of the speakers were instrumental in ensuring the event’s triumph. It stands as a testament to the dynamic tech community in Meghalaya, emphasising its dedication to perpetual learning and progress.