Shillong, September 04 : The Federation of Khasi Jaintia and Garo People (FKJGP) Nongthymmai Circle has condemned the statement made by A.L. Hek, MLA of Pynthorumkhrah Constituency, in the media on the issue related to the Refugee & Rehabilitation Welfare Society (RRWS).

In Hek statement, he clearly endorsed the RRWS as being the sole authority in granting NOCs and Residential certificates in the area. However, the FKJGP argues that this statement undermines the legitimacy of the Dorbar Shong of Rynjah as well as that of the KHADC.

The FKJGP also points out that Hek himself got his Residential certificate from the Refugee & Rehabilitation Welfare Society (RRWS). This, they say, is further evidence of the MLA’s bias towards the RRWS.

The FKJGP feels that Hek should refrain from making such “callous, irresponsible and meaningless statements” which in turn “devaluate the role of our traditional bodies”.

The FKJGP also recalls an incident in 2012 when the Federation got hold of a certificate issued by the leader of the Refugee & Rehabilitation Welfare Society (RRWS). It was found that the details on the certificate were copied exactly from a birth certificate issued by the Shillong Municipal Board. Luckily, the matter was put to an end with the timely intervention of the Federation.

The FKJGP has once again warned the Refugee & Rehabilitation Welfare Society (RRWS) to stop meddling with the affairs related to issuing NOCs or Residential certificates to the people of the area. They have also asked the Refugee & Rehabilitation Welfare Society (RRWS) to act in accordance with the notification of the Hima Mylliem 2019 which declared the colony as THEM RYNJAH.

The FKJGP has also stated that if the Refugee & Rehabilitation Welfare Society (RRWS) does not comply with their demands, the Federation will be “forced to tread a different path” in order to safeguard their culture and tradition.