Shillong, July 10 : Cinema is a powerful medium that has taken a big share of the entertainment scenario globally as an art form of expression and of socio-cultural transformation. The powerful medium of cinema has continuously played a major role in the promotion of tourism by familiarizing the spectators in a large number with scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage.

The key objectives of having a film policy are to promote new artists, create new jobs, and increase investments in film production. It can also draw the contours of government intervention in an industry that works largely unfettered. Film policy helps create a suitable environment which not only invites the shooting of films on a large scale in the state, but also promotes other activities which are related to various aspects of film production for the purpose of overall development.

The film industry in Meghalaya has been developing steadily in the previous two decades. While many states in India already have a film policy, Meghalaya does not.
Keeping this lack in mind, on the 9th of March 2023, the Mass Media department, St Anthony’s College together with Mass Communication dept NEHU, organised a State Summit of film makers from all across Meghalaya to share thoughts and discuss the film policy. Filmmakers, Film Academicians, Film Enthusiasts, Film Critics, and other stake holders participated in the discussions. Ideas were shared and suggestions were given. We had compiled all these suggestions.

After the Summit the drafted policy was also put up on the Mass Media Department website ( ) so that people of the State will know and give further suggestions for which we received more valuable suggestions even from citizens of Garo hills. These too were incorporated into one document.

Today the 10th of July, Dr. Cherry Kharshiing ( Summit Coordinator), Dr. Kamaljit Chirom (Summit Co- Coordinator), Nathaniel Majaw (organising Committee member) and Dr Rajani Chhetri (Organising Committee member ) Submitted the drafted policy to Dr M. Ampareen Lyngdoh,
Minister in charge of IPR.

We urged and we hope that through the minister, the Meghalaya government will response to the people of Meghalaya and future citizens by doing the needful and adopt this policy. This will go a long way in supporting our budding film industry, boost the revenue of the State and create employment for our talented youths.

We take this opportunity to thank all those who participated in the Film Policy Summit held on 9th of March 2023. We are also grateful to the members of Society of A’chik Film and Entertainment(SAFE) from Garo Hills and the members of New Dawn from Shillong who responded by giving additional inputs to the drafted policy. Your participation is the reason that this drafted policy is seeing the light of day today.