Shillong, March 20: In a celebration of food, music, and culture, Meghalaya today proudly hosted a public screening of the groundbreaking reality TV show, ‘Hills on a Plate – Meghalaya,’ at the Lariti International Centre for Performing Arts and Culture (LICPAC),

New Shillong. The event captivated audiences with its amalgamation of culinary excellence and artistic performance, highlighted by a stunning musical performance from international sensation, Calum Scott.

The screening unveiled Episode 1 of the 7 Episode Series, witnessed a feast for the senses and an exploration of Meghalaya’s variety of cuisines and cultural tapestry. This 7-episode culinary masterpiece offered viewers a captivating journey into the undiscovered beauty and gastronomic treasures of Meghalaya. Dignitaries in attendance include Commissioner & Secretary, Dr Vijay Kumar D, IAS, Secretary of Planning, Shri Cyril Darlong Diengdoh, IAS, artists, judges of the show, contestants among others.

Commissioner and Secretary, Dr. Vijay Kumar D, IAS, presented cheques of Rs 10,00,000 to top five contestants of the show. He remarked that the program marked a significant international standard achievement for the region. He expressed admiration for its exceptional showcasing of the locality and its inhabitants. Dr. Vijay extended congratulations to Rockski recalling a discussion held approximately two or two and a half years ago when the project was first proposed.

He acknowledged Rockski’s dedication in bringing the idea to fruition. Dr. Vijay also lauded the contestants, who have become brand ambassadors for the region, emphasizing their pivotal role in representing Meghalaya. Furthermore, he highlighted that the show serves as a tribute to the region’s people and their contributions, particularly the farmers who cultivate the ingredients featured in the culinary creations. Dr. Vijay extended gratitude to the farmers, artists, and culinary experts, stating that the show serves as an ode to their efforts. Additionally, he announced the commencement of a food festival, commencing the following day, as an extension of the show’s celebration of food and culture.

Following a successful deal, the announcement of the launch of “Hills on a Plate – Meghalaya” on Jio Cinema. This collaboration with Jio Cinema marks a significant milestone, offering viewers the opportunity to experience the culinary delights and cultural richness of Meghalaya through the platform’s OTT service. This agreement comes after an initial contract with Disney+ Hotstar, which was redirected due to the platform’s acquisition by Jio Cinema.

Elevating the show’s allure were esteemed judges Sarah Todd of MasterChef Australia, Ardahun Passah, and William Diengdoh, who bring their expertise to bear on the competition’s proceedings. Hosted by Gordon Thabah and Abigail Pamei, the show showcases the culinary talents of contestants Artet Kharsati, Ivan Suting, Daei Suchiang, Nambie Marak, Tanisha Phanbuh, Uttam Thangkhiew, and Adonijah Lyngdoh, promising riveting entertainment for audiences worldwide.

The venue with its seating capacity of approximately 1400, provided an ideal backdrop for this historic event. Against this picturesque setting, Calum Scott enthralled the audience with a mesmerizing performance, adding an unforgettable dimension to the evening’s festivities.

This concert marked a significant milestone for Shillong, reaffirming its status as a preferred destination for artists and cultural connoisseurs alike. As ‘Hills on a Plate – Meghalaya’ continues to captivate audiences, Meghalaya beckons travellers and visitors from around the world to experience the magic of its culinary landscape and vibrant cultural heritage.