Shillong, March 3 : The State Council of Science, Technology & Environment, Meghalaya, in collaboration with the Meghalaya Chess Association, is pleased to announce “Queen’s Gambit” Chess in School programme. Chess, renowned as the ‘gymnasium of the mind,’ presents a unique blend of mental challenges that effectively stimulate cognitive faculties. Extensive research suggests that engaging in chess enhances cognitive abilities such as working memory, fluid intelligence, and concentration capacity, thereby potentially improving academic performance.

Chess also offers invaluable psychological benefits, fostering qualities like self-confidence, patience, and emotional control. Recognizing its transformative potential, we are committed to incorporating Chess into classroom activities to enrich students’ learning experiences and cultivate essential skills such as focus, strategic thinking, and problem- solving.

Interested schools are encouraged to apply for participation by scanning the provided QR Code or visiting the SCSTE website at “scste.org” via the following link: https://scste.org/explore/chess-form/. The program will commence with an initial one-year introduction period. Experienced Chess coaches endorsed by the Meghalaya Chess Association will visit participating schools to deliver comprehensive training based on the “Chess in Schools” syllabus developed by the All India Chess Federation (AIFC).

To ensure the program’s success, appointed Resource persons cum Chess coaches will adhere to a prescribed dress code and conduct classes in English, Khasi, Jaintia, or Garo, depending on the students’ linguistic preferences.

Furthermore, L. Diengdoh and C.M. Marak, Program Officers of the Council, have been authorized to oversee and monitor program implementation to ensure its smooth operation.

We believe that the introduction of Chess into schools will not only enhance cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills but also promote a culture of intellectual engagement and personal development among students.