Shillong, Augsut 16 : The North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU) has organized a three-day “Rozgar Mela” aimed at offering employment opportunities to thousands of aspiring individuals. The event commenced on August 16, 2023, and will continue until August 18, 2023. The Rozgar Mela has garnered immense attention, with 7000 positions up for grabs across diverse job profiles.

The inaugural day of the Rozgar Mela witnessed an overwhelming response with over 3000 enthusiastic registrations from job seekers. Companies renowned for their excellence in recruitment, such as TimesPro, Adecco, Sudexo, and several others, participated in this recruitment extravaganza.

This remarkable initiative was orchestrated under the visionary leadership of the Vice-Chancellor of NEHU, who steered the University towards this endeavor following the successful implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP). The inaugural function was graced by the presence of the Chief Guest, Conrad K Sangma, Chief Minister of Meghalaya.

The Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma, emphasized the multifaceted approach the government has adopted to address the pressing challenge of unemployment. He acknowledged the limitations of government job positions and agency roles, highlighting the need for a holistic strategy to tackle this issue effectively. He underlined the importance of skill development and language proficiency, exploring international employment opportunities for the youth in countries like China, Japan, Germany, the UK, and Australia. The government’s commitment to facilitating language learning and skill development was reiterated to make these global avenues accessible to the youth.

Addressing the audience, Prof. Prabha Shankar Shukla, the Vice-Chancellor highlighted the exceptional confluence of aspirations and opportunities that the Rozgar Mela presents. With 7000 positions available, the event symbolizes NEHU’s commitment to nurturing the potential of the youth and propelling them towards a path of success. The Vice-Chancellor noted the inclusivity of the event, catering to individuals with qualifications ranging from the 10th-grade level to post-graduation. This approach ensures equal opportunities for every talented individual, embracing their diverse skill sets and talents.

The Rozgar Mela, organized by NEHU, will continue to provide an invaluable platform for job seekers from across the state until August 18, 2023. As the event progresses, the youth of Meghalaya will have the opportunity to interact with recruiters, learn about various job profiles, and showcase their unique skills, while embracing the ethos of growth, learning, and upward mobility.