Shillong, August 28 : Prof. Prabha Shankar Shukla, the Vice-Chancellor of North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Shillong, has applauded the swift adoption of the Four-Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUP) by affiliated colleges. The FYUP is one of the key reforms introduced by the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020).

In a statement, Prof. Shukla said that he was “satisfied” with the unanimous acceptance of the FYUP by the affiliated colleges. He said that this showed the “unwavering dedication” of these institutions to the upliftment of education and the pursuit of excellence.

Prof. Shukla also extended his appreciation to the college administrations for their proactive efforts in ensuring the smooth execution of the FYUP Scheme. He acknowledged the instrumental role played by the principals of these colleges, who have been integral to the entire process leading up to the decision to adopt the FYUP Scheme.

In the spirit of transparency and cooperation, Prof. Shukla announced that detailed evaluation procedures, along with the relevant ordinances and regulations governing these procedures, will be imminently communicated to the affiliated colleges. This initiative underscores NEHU’s commitment to ensuring a seamless transition to the new academic framework and to fostering a nurturing and conducive learning environment for students.

Prof. Shukla also took this opportunity to address the ongoing matter involving the Meghalaya College Teachers’ Association (MCTA) and their stance of non-cooperation. He appealed to the MCTA to reconsider their approach and to engage in constructive dialogue to resolve any concerns. Prof. Shukla expressed his willingness to engage in open discussion to achieve an amicable resolution.

In conclusion, Prof. Shukla extended his best wishes to all educational institutions and the students’ community under the NEHU umbrella. He emphasized that the adoption of the FYUP Scheme is a significant stride towards holistic education and is confident that this transformative step will pave the way for a brighter and more enriching academic journey for the students.