Shillong, October 29 : The Joint Action Committee (JAC) of North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU) is intensifying its agitation against the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Prabha Shankar Shukla, for failing to fulfill the demands of the three constituents of JAC – NEHUTA, NEHUNSA, and NEHUSU.

As a result of non-fulfillment of the demands, JAC has decided to start with a non-cooperation movement, beginning with the upcoming Academic Council meeting. The deadline vide letter No.JAC/2023/02 dated 19th October, 2023 to remove the illegally appointed contractual Technical Officer/Senior Consultant (Rohit Prasad) has expired. Since the VC chose to side with the incumbent, ignoring the illegality and sentiments of the stakeholders, the JAC is left with no other alternative but to go on an all-out protest starting with non-cooperation and non-participation in the conduct of the upcoming 111th Academic Council meeting scheduled to be held on 31st October at 11 a.m. in Multi-use Convention Hall.

In addition to the demand for the immediate removal of Rohit Prasad, the JAC is putting additional genuine long pending demands which the VC was supposed to fulfill in a time-bound manner. The demands were:

  • Immediate appointment of the Statutory Officers, University Engineer and Director, CDC.
  • Deteriorating condition of the University Health Centre (Non-availability of medicines, testing facilities, etc.)
  • Advertisement of Non-Teaching posts.
  • Delay in functioning of GeM, hampering the procurement of everything in the University including medicines in Health Centre; and chemicals and reagents, affecting the student’s practical and research work of PhD scholars.
  • Relieving of Teaching Faculties and Technical Staff who are forced to perform ministerial duties.
  • Non-holding of Regular Convocation.
  • Security lapses within the campus.

The JAC has also organized a General Assembly on the 31st of October, 2023 in Multi-use Convention Hall at 10:30 a.m. to deliberate on the above mentioned agenda. All the members of the JAC, MeTTA members and Research Scholar’s Forum, NEHU have been requested to attend the meeting/Assembly positively.

If the above mentioned demands are not fulfilled in a time-bound manner, the non-cooperation movement is only going to be further intensified in all future agitations, which shall be intimated to the VC in due course of time.

The JAC hopes that Prof. Prabha Shankar Shukla understands the depth and seriousness of JAC demands and acts accordingly for the overall well-being of NEHU.